Soapscription Club

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Love to lather up with our handcrafted soaps? Then jump on our monthly Soapscription Club! You’ll never have to be soapless again, yay!

For only $25, our Soapscription gets you three of our handmade, natural soaps plus exclusive Blyss offers for you and your entire family to share (or keep them for yourself — we won’t judge!).

Asa bonus, you'll get to super exclusive soaps that are limited production or only available through the Soapscription club!

How it works:
Blyss Club memberships are only $25 (plus tax), and every order is shipped to arrive around the 20th of every month. You can cancel at anytime.
Best of all, SHIPPING IS COMPLETELY FREE on all Canadian orders.
All our soaps are made with skin loving oils, are cruelty free, and leave your skin feeling soft and Blyssfully clean!

Luxury awaits - just add water!